Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ban Blair Baiting petition: 19th September 2009 update

The Ban Blair-Baiting petition has been doing the rounds for several weeks.

It has attracted visitors and signatures from all over the world, perhaps most notably from Iraq, Afghanistan and even Iran.

Three well respected journalists and a British member of parliament - YES, ONLY ONE so far - have added their names to the list.

The signatories are in agreement with the petition owners that Tony Blair deserves to be treated fairly by the press and by those with a vested or pressure group interest as this Inquiry proceeds.

An Iraqi commenter at the petition site:

I am and my family are deeply grateful for the salvation from Saddam's terror by Mr.Blair. I don't understand why so many people attack him. He only wanted to help. He did not tell lies.Saddam's regime was as terrific [ sic ] (horrific?)as explained by Mr. Blair. It is easy for people living in the West to criticise. They don't have to live here and don't get killed by terrorists.
Islam is peace!!!! Down with the fundamentalists!!!

And an Afghan:

When the Taleban took over we left the country to flee from their terror regime.Only the insurgency groups stop us from being a real democracy years ago. We hope our country wins the battle against terrorism with the great help of America/Britain.Our enemy is not Tony Blair but the Taleban.

And from an Iranian:

I wish he was still in power and could help MY country too. Iran has one of the most brutal dictatorships on earth!!!
It is good to know that not all Western leaders are looking away but that some take actions!!!!! Be proud of your former PM,Brits!

Many of us are proud of our former PM. We SHOULD ALL be. Sadly, there has been much muddying of his reputation by those with a vested interest, led by the media's various political agendas.

This petition intends to make it clear that this should NOT continue as witnesses are called to the Iraq war Inquiry.

Even before Mr Blair appears at the Inquiry damage can easily be done to the legitimacy and fairness of the eventual outcome of the Inquiry by those in our "free" country with a mind to do so.

Daily raking through witnesses' statements and attempting to tie them in with earlier pre-conceptions as regards Mr Blair's political decisions should NOT be indulged in by the press. Some might argue that this is an attempt to silence critics. It is NOT. The critics have rehearsed their "cases" endlessly over the last several years. It is not simply "Free Speech" for them to continue to do so while an Inquiry is underway.

If this Inquiry were a TRIAL they would not be permitted to do so under subjudice laws.

Because it isn't a trial, there is actually far more room for prejudiced reporting.

That is exactly why we started this petition and this associated blog.

Please link to this site or to the Ban Blair-Baiting petition, and don't forget to let your friends know.

Many thanks.

John Justice

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